“So Judas obtained a squad of soldiers and some officers of the chief priests and Pharisees. They came to the orchard with lanterns and torches and weapons. Then Jesus, because he knew everything that was going to happen to him, came and asked them, “Who are you looking for?””, John 18:3-4 NET

• Jesus knew **everything** that was going to happen to Him and He was surrendered to God’s will about these things. It took severe prayer to get there! So instead of avoiding these men or walking right passed them as Jesus had done before, He initiated it with them! Being surrendered to God brings great boldness.
• I just can’t imagine how Jesus handled having this knowledge his entire life (or at least a lot of it). I don’t know if there was a point in time when Jesus learned and realized that this one going to happen to Him but if He did learn about it one day, think about how obtaining that knowledge may have impacted Him psychologically! Think about your life, if you knew this was how your life was going to end. Wouldn’t it be hard to not let if mess you up psychologically? It would be hard for me! I suppose it would help me focus on the eternal rather than the temporal!

“They replied, “Jesus the Nazarene.” He told them, “I am he.” (Now Judas, the one who betrayed him, was standing there with them.) So when Jesus said to them, “I am he,” they retreated and fell to the ground. Then Jesus asked them again, “Who are you looking for?” And they said, “Jesus the Nazarene.” Jesus replied, “I told you that I am he. If you are looking for me, let these men go.” He said this to fulfill the word he had spoken, “I have not lost a single one of those whom you gave me.” Then Simon Peter, who had a sword, pulled it out and struck the high priest’s slave, cutting off his right ear. (Now the slave’s name was Malchus.) But Jesus said to Peter, “Put your sword back into its sheath! Am I not to drink the cup that the Father has given me?””, John 18:5-11 NET

• It’s fascinating to me that those coming for Jesus retreated and fell to the ground. These were the Jews who didn’t believe that Jesus was the Messiah, Roman soldiers, and Judas. Now we don’t know exactly who it was who retreated and fell to the ground but it doesn’t make sense for *any* of these people to fall to the ground! It doesn’t make sense for the Jews to fall to the ground because they didn’t believe Jesus was the Messiah. It didn’t make sense for the soldiers to fall to the ground because they likely didn’t know anything about Jesus and likely didn’t know that Jesus saying, “I am” was referring to when God told Moses “I am”. It didn’t make sense for Judas to fall to the ground because he was betraying Jesus. So why did they fall down before Jesus? Jesus rocks, that’s why!

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